UofG Snapchat Secrets…shhhh

The University of Glasgow’s Snapchat (UofGlasgow) account turns one this month, and there’s no coincidence that it’s my one year anniversary at UofG too! I signed UofG up for Snapchat within my first week here, and to be honest, I didn’t have much of a plan on how we were actually going to use it…let alone measure it. But after one year, and thanks to a director who put his faith in something new, it has easily become our fastest growing channel and one of the main ways we share information to students at UofG.

We’re not kidding ourselves, Snapchat is old news in the HE sector, and having a university account is not groundbreaking. However, we’ve never been able to accurately measure engagement, upload pre-recorded videos, re-post snaps instantaneously, schedule content, or have multiple simultaneous takeovers, until NOW! Side note: Of course there are tricks to do almost all of these things (screenshots, manually counting views, camera uploads), but they’re very labour intensive and poor quality.

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce a Snapchat game changer, it’s called Mish Guru…look it up, I’ll wait.

This little New Zealand company was introduced to me by Cara, the very knowledge Social Media Strategist at Duke University who took the time to Skype and share her social media expertise with this little team here in Glasgow. Cara’s army of student ambassadors is also something to behold, and we’re doing our best to replicate here in Glasgow what she has done so successfully in America.

Since signing up with Mish Guru we’ve been able to to see that in the past month we’ve had over a million views on our snaps, we’ve been able to monitor and save all snaps sent directly to our account (including video) and re-post them. With the option of uploading content we’ve also been able create high quality fit for purpose pictures and videos, and schedule them to be posted at a specific time to correspond with events (I know, I know…but there’s more). We also don’t need to give out our Snapchat password for student takeovers! We simply ask Mish Guru to automatically forward snaps from certain accounts directly onto our story.

Let me explain:

  1. Sudent never needs to log out of their personal snapchat account
  2. All snaps sent directly to our account (from that certain student) are automatically posted on the UofG story
  3.  Multiple accounts can be set up to directly post, so if there are three or four students covering an event they don’t each need to log in to our account at different times

This has saved us so much time! No longer are we getting whatsapp messages from very willing volunteers at 10:30pm on a Sunday because they’ve had to change phones and Snapchat has logged them out; and they need a unique security code within a minute in order for them to log back in! I’m guessing there are some of you out there that this makes complete sense to…hopefully.

Snapchat has now cemented itself in our top primary channels (right alongside Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and in my mind it isn’t going anywhere soon. UofG students are beginning to realise, that if they send a snap directly to us, there is a good chance they’re going to see it later on in the day on our story. It has been great to see how many students are taking advantage of this and sending in some really creative snaps on a daily basis.

Ok, before I ramble on and on about this I’m going to end this post here: We created the Snapchat account primarily for our students, and now because of Mish Guru, they can finally fully and easily utilise it, and that makes us very happy!

If any of you in the HE sector want more information to twist the arm of those holding the purse strings get in touch (comms-socialmedia@glasgow.ac.uk), it would be great to see how your university can use this programme too.

Next steps: Snapchat is a blank canvas so we’re starting to work on templates that we can reuse for videos and pictures (introduce takeovers, events, special days etc.). We’ve also developed a UofG Snapchat takeover guide that can be found here.



  • willstew 28th November 2016 at 8:48 pm

    Love your work U of G, you’re doing some awesome stuff on Snapchat 🙂

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  • Mike Mullins 13th February 2017 at 12:52 am

    Epic work U of G, you guys wrote the book on how to run a successful university snapchat account!

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