This blog documents the highs and lows (mostly highs!) of a small, yet effective Higher Education Social Media Team at the University of Glasgow.

It features projects we’ve worked on, tips & tricks picked up along the way, campaigns, observations and stories.

Join us for updates on how we use social media across the UofG community.

Meet the team

Daniel Marrable: Senior Social and Digital Media Officer

South African, Canadian, Scottish, not necessarily in that order – Social Media communicator & wanna-be artist!

Favourite Channel: Personally – Instagram; Professionally – Snapchat

Best Social Media moment: Winning the CIPR award for ‘Best Use of Social Media’ … and streaming it on Facebook Live.

Loves: M&S CheeseTasters (they’re so delicious), tartan trews, external batteries, table-top gardening

Hates: low battery, throwing away food, email, messy cables (why isn’t everything wireless yet?)

Find him on Twitter @TerribleM86



Tasha Quinn: Social Media Officer

New girl finding my way in the murky world of social media.

Favourite Channel: Personally – Instagram; Professionally – Facebook

Best Social Media moment: Covering graduations live and talking to lots of proud parents and relieved students!

Loves: Swimming in the sea, Apes (orangutans are my fav), Arts & Crafts (anything involving a glue gun)

Hates: When my crafting efforts look nothing like the Pinterest pictures, a full inbox, uncooked tomatoes.

Find her on Twitter @tashaquinn19



Mengxi Pang:Chinese Social Media Officer

Part-time social media, full-time PhD, spend 70% of time developing a sociological imagination and the rest wondering what to post tomorrow.

Favourite Channel: Weibo

Best Social Media moment: Getting ready for the unexpected world every day

Loves: milky tea on winter mornings, cider on summer nights, melting butter on pancake, checking in for home flight.

Hates: When it is too wet to wear canvas trainers; only one side of earphones is working.

Find her on Twitter @MengxiP