November Round Up

November Highlights

Social Media Student Officers

This month we recruited a group of students to join our team as social media student officers. They will be helping to create content from a student perspective and get lots of training along the way to help with their own career development. We originally planned to recruit five officers but the pool of talent was just too good and we ended up with eight amazing students.
To recruit the team we posted on all our channels and received nearly 50 applications. We asked the applicants to complete a short written application and a ‘creative task’ which involved posting about UofG student life on either Snapchat or Twitter. The creative task really highlighted the stand-out students which helped us decide on a shortlist of 15 for group interviews. From the interviews we whittled the group down and have appointed our team of social media superstars! The programme officially starts in January and we are really excited to work with the students.

Simpson Philosophy course

Sometimes a good social media story can appear out of nowhere. For the past four years there has been a short course at UofG entitled ‘D’oh! The Simpsons Introduce Philosophy’ and this year the course was promoted via a paid Facebook post. From this one post, numerous media outlets noticed the course and ran stories online and in print. For days Twitter was awash with comments and links about the course. We wanted to make the most of the attention so asked John, the tutor of the course, to appear in a video. Within an hour John was in our office in front of a camera and after some quick editing it was uploaded to Facebook and Twitter the same day. So far the video has more than 16K views and we are still seeing posts about ‘Simpsons Philosophy!

Kelvin Hall opens

The Kelvin Hall in Glasgow has recently been transformed into a centre for research, teaching, public engagement and health. This is the result of a partnership between UofG, the National Library of Scotland and the city of Glasgow. The development was opened by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on 11 November and the social media team were there to cover the long anticipated moment.
We started with a live stream of the first minister walking into the building where she was greeted by a children’s Gaelic choir and representatives from UofG. This was followed by live tweeting the opening ceremony, lots of snapchatting throughout the event and we released a video of the occasion later in the afternoon. Having followed the development closely it was great to have the opportunity to be at the official opening and share it with our followers.

Exam De-stress

The end of November hailed the start of exam season for many of our students. Fortunately, the student bodies were on hand to offer exam de-stress tips, events and goodies. To promote the work of the student bodies we went along to the ‘de-stress stall’ in the library where students were handing out goody bags full of treats to help nervous students survive exams. Students Sally and Fraser did a quick piece to camera showing us what was inside the bags and the video was viewed more than 31K times. This was another video than didn’t take much planning or editing but performed well for our channels. It’s amazing what you can create with half an hour and an iphone!

Christmas video

We filmed a Christmas themed mannequin challenge at the end of the month, ready for release in December. With our large open campus filming was no easy task but with the help of more than 40 willing volunteers we created this fun video!

Top Posts

Twitter (based on impressions)

  • Nicola Sturgeon opens Kelvin Hall
  • Replying to comedian Limmy
  • Happy graduates

Facebook (based on engagement)

  • Colourful photo of campus
  • Glasgow from above
  • 360 degree photo

Thanks for reading! Let us know of any exciting social media activity you’ve been up to this month in the comments.

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